EU projects

Project title: Reduction of energy intensity of the production process in P M E , spol s r.o.
Registration number: CZ.01.04.01/01/22_006/0002097

The main goal of the submitted project is to reduce the overall energy intensity of the company’s existing operation, and thus the production process related to metalworking, or with the process of shape machining of metal workpieces and parts, which is carried out within the company’s operating premises, thanks to the implementation of energy-saving measures related to the reduction of energy efficiency of production and technological processes, when the following energy-intensive technologies will be replaced by 1 pc of planing machine, 1 pc of guillotine shears and 1 pc of milling machine for 1 pc of the new complex technology of CNC horizontal boring machine including accessories, which will be less energy-intensive, as well as thanks to the implementation of measures consisting in the use of RES in the form of the installation of PV without accumulation with an expected output of 50 kWp to cover a partial part of the company’s own consumption

The project is co-financed by the European Union.


Project title: Implementation of Age Management in PME spol. s r.o.
Registration number: CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/17_079/0009628

The aim of the project is to introduce Age Management into PME spol. s.r.o. and related system work with human resources to maintain the competitiveness of the company. Special attention will be paid to creating conditions for prolonging the working life of the company’s employees. Furthermore, to prevent the imminent underfilling of personnel capacities by creating an Age Management HR strategy, because the system based on personal reference has only a very limited reach. Creating new jobs for the 50+ age group, which forms a substantial part of society. Change of motivation system for individual groups of employees, enabling the transfer of employees to other positions.

The project is divided into 5 parts, which complement each other and create a strong whole:

  1. Setting up HR strategy
  2. Standardization of HR processes
  3. Field of work management and reorganization
  4. Training on knowledge and skills transfer
  5. Training for managing intergenerational relationships

Project publication (PDF)